$3 Million in 6 Months With Adsense!

The Power Play Interviews: Markus Frind- $ 3 million with Adsense in 6 months

This is the first in a series of Internet stories that you will see on Techpady Blog. I hope you like them!

Markus Frind, the creator of Plentyoffish.com, is a success story that is worth mentioning because he has managed to conquer a niche market that was previously ruled by giant companies and gave it its own brand of marketing skills. A case of David versus Goliath, where the little man eventually takes up the fight. Markus is the top “individual” Adsense publisher in the field of pageviews. Let’s see what some of his secrets are because he shares some advice with our readers. Feel free to react!

Markus, what is your experience with computer programming and how did you prepare to become a webmaster?

Average pageviews per day last week around 14 million. I receive 80 million page views a day from users who ask the site to see if they have new messages. Really intensive bandwidth!

When I visit your website, I notice that the ads are focused on my region, but I have not even registered. Can you explain to our readers how you perform this service?

I just use ip2location.com. Actually, I take your IP address, look it up in the database and it tells me what your city is. I bring up a list of users in your city, nothing at all magical.

Are most of your visitors mainly from search engines (SERPS), or do you notice that they come from other roads? Do you actively advertise in the media?

Search engines account for 2% of my traffic. The vast majority of my traffic, like any other site with more than 5 million page views a day, comes from word-of-mouth and repeat visitors.

The services on your site seem to be offered free to the registrants. Is there an advantage that you have compared to your competitors, so you can do this?

I have developed new algorithms that allow me to create a mega-site for almost free. Several years ago I made an algorithm that was thousands of times faster than the algorithm used in the 1990s to find a series of 22 primes. At that time a professor used several supercomputers and hundreds of ordinary computers to find a record in the course of several years.

Fascinating! Are there other sites that you currently maintain, or is plentyoffish.com the only one?

It is the only site at the moment. I have a few other sites that I have registered for friends so that they can learn to do marketing/affiliate things. At this moment I think that 1 site is sufficient.

Some tips for those who want to create a profitable Million with Adsense on the internet?

If someone else thinks what you’re doing is a cool idea, I’d say it’s not … Find something that no one else thinks is important and build a site with a lot of traffic in that area. Also, keep in mind that sites that today generate little revenue but have traffic can be the gold mines of tomorrow. In the internet world, anything and everything will be monetized and traffic is king.

Traffic is king – very wise advice, Markus. A final question – How do you find the time to keep such a large product on the internet? Of course, you need to have other interests in life besides programming and monitoring websites if you want to make a million with Adsense.

It costs on average only one hour a day, but it is very tiring work. I spend the other few hours reading and seeing what’s going on.

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