Making Adsense Work In The Smart Pricing Era

Smart prices have changed Adsense. Publishers see lower payouts per click and regret the inability to Adsense its old methods and systems to work to make a profit under the current circumstances. The old guard of the Adsense gurus continues to hold on to a perspective born before smart prices became a reality. They continue to encourage new publishers to follow their methods for the success of Adsense. Others have reacted excessively and have announced that Adsense is no longer a viable profitable opportunity. Some have even claimed that Making Adsense Work is a difficult task.

The old guard gurus only protect their own interests. As long as they can pretend nothing has changed meaningfully, they can continue to sell their systems and software for longer. Those who cough up the death bells of making adsense work raise controversies to promote click-flipping and other asset production strategies. The only people who seem to be good are those publishers who have noticed that the old Adsense is empty and have discovered that the future of Adsense is to treat him differently than before.

Instead of declaring Adsense’s death, smart users choose a different approach to the changed environment. The previously embraced strategies that were based on the massive building of lower-quality sites and massively earning money from them exclusively with Adsense are no longer sustainable.

Instead, Adsense can be used as one of a multitude of revenue-generating tactics on smart sites designed to deliver real value to visitors. Previous Adsense techniques were based on sending massive traffic to a site and solely collecting ad clicks. In many cases, the sites were actually designed in a way that was designed to allow people to leave quickly, with Adsense ad units as an ‘escape route’.

Smart pricing has lowered the per-click payout of such prices by such a substantial margin that one can not hope to profit from these strategies in any meaningful way. Instead, smart publishers will create better sites that interact with visitors in a meaningful way. Relevant contextual advertisements fill the role of a large number of services offered to visitors. Instead of the “only way” to earn a dime, Adsense can be used as part of a complete package of money-saving opportunities.

This strategy not only allows webmasters to benefit effectively from other sources of income (some are more valuable than Adsense ever was in the heyday), it also compensates with Adsense’s own recommendations for improving clicks in a smart pricing environment. There are more ways of making adsense work and at the same time, you can earn more money with Adsense. Regardless of what some might announce, there is no reason to give up Adsense. You only have to use it differently.

Adsense did not change in a vacuum. While it was pushing for smart pricing, access to internet, technology and user expectations also gained momentum. Nowadays, the old methods of top-down site design based on the old publication model are outdated. The arrival of what many call “Web 2.0” reflects the convergence of different trends. Those who successfully use Adsense as a strategy for generating revenue today and in the future are aware of those trends and how to approach them to effectively generate a substantial income.

Adsense has changed. Do not believe that those who tell you that “business as usual” will still work as a charm. Adsense is not dead, however. It is still a strong and lively means to earn. The old business models of Adsense are dead. They just do not do the trick anymore. You can earn money with Adsense, but if you work with Adsense, you have to use strategies that are properly combined with the current environment and trends. Sites that offer genuine value to visitors can take advantage of multiple monetization strategies, including Adsense, and will succeed regardless of smart price adjustments.

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