3 Ways You Can Generate Cash Using Google Adsense

In many webmaster forums, you probably come across this question: “ways you can generate cash with Google Adsense?” Google Adsense is perhaps the most popular pay-per-click advertising program today. Many webmasters earn significant money by displaying Google Adsense on their sites.

Yes, there are ways you can generate cash with Google Adsense is very possible. There are several effective and proven ways to do this. The best part is that they are not complicated ways; in fact, they are very simple and easy to implement. Of course, how much you spend on Google Adsense exactly depends on how much effort you put into your sites. Do not fall into the belief that there are ways you can generate cash with Google Adsense overnight. Like other types of work, you have to spend time and have the dedication and perseverance.

With that said, you will learn three effective ways you can generate cash with Google Adsense – through specialized sites, forums and blogs.

1. Niche sites: a Targeted market is equal to targeted and higher Adsense clicks

The word ‘niche’ is the buzz word of today. A niche is a specific market on which you want to concentrate. If you’re in antique trade, what kind of antiques do you have? Are you in the antique furniture store? antique dolls? antique cars? That is your niche.

Niche websites are sites that are aimed at very specific markets or audiences. Instead of a broad category, you limit yourself to a target market or audience. For example, a guitar website can be made specifically and focus on Fender Stratocaster guitars. People who love Fender Stratocaster guitars are your target audience. Google Adsense ads that appear on this specific niche website appeal to your target audience and visitors. By being specific, you can generate higher clicks to your Google Adsense, which translates into higher Google Adsense revenue.

To maximize your Google Adsense revenue, place different niche websites instead of a single website dedicated to a broad category or topic. Instead of setting up a website about cars, you set up various small websites that focus on car repairs, care recovery, antique cars and the like. By limiting the focus of your website, you can attract targeted visitors who are likely to click on your Google Adsense ads.

2. Forums: Place Google Adsense ads that stand out

Do you have a very active forum or online discussion board? If your forum receives a lot of traffic and has many members who regularly participate in online discussions, you can make money with your forum pages by placing Google Adsense in it. Although forum users are known as ‘ad blind’, you can insert Google Adsense codes smartly.

For example, you can make your Google Adsense ads stand out by using very bright colours. On niche sites, it is recommended that your Google Adsense ads merge with the site. However, in online forums, you can make money with Google Adsense by making the ads stand out. You can also have Google Adsense appear after a certain number of messages. Many forum owners have discovered that Google Adsense ads placed at the bottom of every last post on each page generate a lot of clicks.

3. Blogs: easy to make money with Google Adsense

Nowadays, many people are able to be present online and have their voices heard. In the last two years alone, literally hundreds of thousands of blogs have appeared. Blog software such as WordPress and blog networks like Blogger make it easy for everyone, even the least techie, to set up their own blog and earn money with it. There are bloggers who reportedly earn four-, five- and six-digit annual income by placing Google Adsense on their blog.

Because Blogger is owned by Google, people with blogs on Blogger can easily integrate Google Adsense into their account. Even if you do not have an account with Blogger, you can still make money by displaying Google Adsense ads on blogs hosted by WordPress that are hosted on your server or a third-party host. Blog software like WordPress has Google Adsense plug-ins. This means that you can easily insert Google Adsense ad codes into your blog posts with just a click of a button.

To make the most of your Google Adsense ads, it is recommended that you place a Google Adsense unit after each of your blog posts. If you post a long article, consider placing a Google Adsense in the middle of the article. And if you are technically inclined (or you are not afraid of a challenge), you can insert Google Adsense codes into your blog template.

There you have it – three ways you can make money with Google Adsense. Niche sites, forums and blogs are just three of the many ways you can make money with Google Adsense. If you are new, you start with a blog. Create an account on Blogger and test the waters. If you feel comfortable and learn more technical skills, you can continue to create niche sites and start your own online forums and monetize with Google Adsense.

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